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Manhattan Serendipity

(Link to Duggal's blog post at the end).

One day, when looking for a printer in New York to complete a project, I called Duggal Visual Solutions. I spoke with someone then sent an email containing details and a sample of what my art looks like. I got a call from them (from H. Joseph Smith to be exact) asking who did the artwork in my email. When I told him that I was the artist, he told me about another project he was working on with L.G. Jones Architects (for a building in Manhattan owned by Meyer Equities) that he thought my art would be perfect for. So, he did an e-mail introduction with Laurence Jones and that was the beginning of the lobby project. The first step was getting an idea of what was wanted…the style of artwork, colours etc. Then, I emailed options for a 20 foot wide by 6 foot high abstract piece that was going to be printed on Vibrachrome metal and two 24 inch by 36 inch pieces. They loved them, and selected these.

I was so happy when L.G. Jones reached out to me again. This time, it was for a wall mural that was to give an immersive feel. So, it would be on two walls and the ceiling of the elevator lobby area. This was a really cool project! To be honest, it stretched me but in such a good way. And, to have the client be so happy with the result was great!! The entire project included reading project plans, viewing renderings, imagination and lots of emails and I loved every minute of it 😊

How cool that Duggal did a blog post about it!

I think that’s one of the advantages of working digitally, being able to collaborate remotely. And, yes, I’m still in Jamaica…so I haven’t gotten to see the pieces in person just yet 😉


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