Hi there! My name is Kianne Patrice Hutchinson. I'm a Jamaican photographer, digital artist, wall art creator and muralist. As a child, I was given a small film camera which
started me along the path that would become my passion. Constantly looking for the art in daily life, I want my images to resonate with you; to evoke curiosity and wonder.

I'm so grateful to have my work and profile on VOGUE Italia’s PhotoVogue (including having been selected by the editors for the coveted “Pic of the Day” and ”Best Of”). Being featured in German photography magazine Pictures Das Foto-Magazin where I proudly spoke of my
beautiful island of Jamaica, full of artistic inspiration and vibrant people was another highlight. My work has been included in several exhibitions, including at the BBA gallery in Berlin.

Photography and digital art are the backbone of what I do. Merging the two allows for a fresh and contemporary twist on the traditional Jamaican elements which are often included. From brightly-coloured abstractions to clean lines and monochromatic shades, every item is done with a decidedly contemporary look. Additionally, augmented reality technology is utilized in some of the work to bring them to life.

Wall pieces allow our unique personalities to play a pivotal role in the décor of the areas we inhabit, and are an effective way to update our spaces; from a sleek metropolitan office to a small apartment needing a quick face-lift. Stock work is available and it is my great pleasure to offer custom designs tailored to your space. Pieces are printed primarily on archival canvas and other options include archival paper, aluminum and acrylic. Murals are done on adhesive vinyl.

Apart from work, I care deeply about the special needs community as well as animal welfare. Particular collections will see proceeds going to these and other causes.


I'd love to chat with you about how KiannePatrice photo.art.design can fulfill your photography or art needs. Feel free to use the contact form on the site or send an email to info@kiannepatrice.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Me

E- info@kiannepatrice.com

T- 876-289-4788

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