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Bold Wall in Brooklyn

It isn’t often that you get a bonafide pen pal (well, perhaps I should say an email ”pen” pal 😊) but that’s exactly what happened with this client who became a dear friend! She found my work on Instagram and commissioned a full wall mural wrap for her home. Through the process, we started exchanging emails and now, we’re e-pen pals! She is the most amazing writer (her book “The End of Storytelling: The Future of Narrative in the Storyplex“ is evidence of that!) with vast experience in the Immersive space. Her history includes super cool places like Yale University, Disney Imagineering, and Refinery 29, so there’s no surprise that she chose something bold for her wall! Stephanie Rigg it was SUCH a pleasure! I simply must thank Casey Onufrey from Atlas Print Solutions for making the print and installation process so seamless!


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